The Road Less Traveled

Weekly Photo Challenge

“The quickest way between two points might be a straight line, but it’s rarely the most interesting one. From strolling around a new city to browsing the shelves at a neighborhood bookstore, it’s so often the unexpected turns that give meaning to our journeys.” – Daily Prompt

This weeks photo challenge is to share your own take on zigging and zagging. Having just came back from snowboarding on the beautiful mountains of Perisher in Australia, I had to do a bit of that myself. As you probably already know, the roads less traveled are the ones that are more interesting (or in my case the runs less boarded on). Do you snowboard, ski or hike? If you do then I’m sure you can relate when I talk about how rewarding it is to try out new trails, especially reaching the peak of the mountain where you have a glorious view of the horizon.

Perisher is reported to be experiencing the most snow fall in a decade so hopefully I can go back in a few weeks time and board down a winding path and maybe even have a picnic at the peak if the weather stays as good.




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